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1:1 Organizing

Sometimes, the first step that makes sense in working together is clearing back the physical clutter. When our spaces are more ordered, our minds are more free to focus on the important.

Many of my clients, particularly those with AD/HD, require a clear space for that clear mind. Most don’t realize it until it happens.


Calm returns. Excitement builds. Energy comes in.


Possibilities sprout up. Clarity takes over. And the power is back with YOU – not buried in that clutter.

How does this work?

We work in 3 hour blocks of time. The first block is all about blueprinting. We need a plan before anything meaningful can be executed. Then we jump in. What is a chore when done solo can be really fun together (no kidding!)

I am excited to try it with you. Let’s see if we are a good fit. Contact me for a complimentary productivity discovery call.

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Carol Williams
Productivity Coach


"Carol uses empathy and humor to get to the heart of any organizational problem. She shares personal stories to demonstrate how we all fall into habits that don't serve us well, and then offers simple moves that can dissolve years of frustration. I rely on her experience and insight to dissolve those pesky blocks."

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