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Detangle your life with 5 easy spritzes

Is too much going on? You are not alone! Try these ideas to relieve the craziness:

  1. Take mini moments to assess: Step back when you feel yourself get flustered, angry, or losing control. Ask, what’s all this about?
  2. Clear off your desk when you are done working. When you order your stuff, you order your mind.
  3. Put yourself first. Pay attention to how many obligations you accept. Saying “no” to one thing can create a “yes” somewhere else.
  4. Set big goals and live with intention. If you hear yourself saying, “I’d love to, but…” resolve to turn that thinking around. If not you, who?
  5. Worry weakens, so live in faith. When you worry, you create fear. Fear is crippling. Conversely, faith is enabling. When your boat is on fire, trust that the greater sea will put out that fire and carry you to greater heights. What have you got to lose?


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