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What happened to Endless Summer?

I am a parent of two school-aged children, and many of my friends fall into this category as well. Lately, I keep hearing about how “there is only really one weekend left until the weekend before school!” “We have to get away!”

Get away.GO!

Next week, when you get back, I’ll be unleashing the results of my latest collaboration- a podcast series with a very fun, inspirational, and knowledgeable professional organizer/coach, Sue West. Sue and I have the same title but different backgrounds. We both strive to teach, empower, and coach our clients.

So why would we team up for this? Simply, we are “better together”. The collaborative process brings out ideas far greater than ourselves. We are excited to start the series with…you guessed it…getting organized around Back To School. We have two “takes” on the same “topic.” We know that getting back to school can be stressful for both parent and child, and we will be providing tips you can use to ease the transition and set yourself up for success.

So get ready to listen, learn, and be inspired!


Carol (left) and Sue (right)

Carol Williams of EpS

Sue West


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