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Mid September….Are the winds of fall knocking you over yet?

This week, Monday and Tuesday blew in “fresh” breezes. As much as I wanted to embrace them, I found myself freezing and muttering under my breath. Conversely, the “indian summer” these last couple of days penetrates my soul and allows me to prepare for fall, before another temperature dip comes this weekend.

For me, fall represents change. My children’s soccer has taken over my life, when I am not extremely busy with presentations and clients. It’s a good thing I am organized! For those of us looking for a few more great tips – practical and kid-centric- look no further. For our mid-September podcast, Sue West and I bring on a fellow organizer- Sandy Rhee. She specializes in Student Organizing- a perfect theme for September. Listen and Enjoy!

SANDY RHEE 9.10.2012


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