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Have you received your first invitation to “shop for the holidays?”

The other day, an email invitation from my local Chamber of Commerce reminded me that I might want to come to an art sale- for some Holiday Shopping.

What happens to YOU when you receive a note like this on or about October 12?

When you think of those upcoming holidays, right after Halloween, what do you do? Panic? Hide? Look the other way? Cringe?

When panic sets in, the pre-frontal cortex of our brain – the “rational thinking” part- shuts down. One way to open it back up is to write a list.

My colleague Sue West has some ideas to take lists out of the “chore” category and circle back to “I am in control and I am going to make this fun!” Enjoy podcast number 4 from your two favorite organizers, Carol Williams and Sue West.

10.5.2012 breaking it down


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