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Taking Care of Number One: part two

Perspectives Podcasts: 4 Tips to Get Started with Self-Care

April 15th, 2013

Tax Day!

Did you spend your weekend frantically pulling together your taxes, or, did you take care of yourself? It’ easy enough to say we want to take better care of ourselves. Difficult to do…  oh so difficult.

When Sue West and I last joined you via podcast or this blog, we asked you some questions:

  • What gives you energy?
  • What drains it?

And then we gave you a way to set priorities for what you want to start with for your own self-care, plus suggestions on how to “get started” or get “un-stuck.”

Once you begin SOMETHING it’s easier to KEEP GOING. The momentum carries you along, while you wait to get motivated… because sometimes we just don’t have the motivation!

Now that we know better what we want, and what we don’t want, how do we get there?

Please listen here:  Taking Care of Number One: Part 2taking care of number one part 2

Or read on below if you prefer.

Carol: Sue, I love this challenge. It’s one of my favorite hurdles to help my clients over. The challenge is that what you need to do SOUNDS very simple, but, can be ANYTHING BUT simple. Our bodies, biologically, resist change! There is even a NAME for this: Homeostasis.  Anyone who has ever tried to stop smoking, go on a diet, etc. knows this, but now, you can STOP FEELING BADLY about yourself for it. Time to trick yourself!

So the first tip. #1  Share your intention.
  • Tell a friend, coach, or partner what you intend to do MORE of or LESS of.
  • Ask that person if he or she can receive a call or an email if necessary.
  • Simply saying your goal out loud, and announcing it to another person will build in accountability and work its way into your subconscious.
Watch yourself and be amazed.

Sue: I often use the phrase “Path of least resistance.” Tip #2.

Let’s say you want to start  going to the gym in the morning or walking. The path of least resistance? Get EVERYTHING ready the night before: lay out your clothes or pack your bag, get your work outfit ready, too, and the music you want to listen to. Go to bed a little early.

Take away any reason you might say you can’t go when morning comes.

Grease the skids. Path of least resistance. Figure out your phrase to make it EASY to move ahead.

Carol: Your shared intention is this: You want to walk each day at lunchtime, but you are accustomed to working through lunch.

Tip #3: Try the “if/then” technique. Our brains are wired to receive this message.

“IF” I am tempted to skip my walk, THEN I will call Betsy and ask her to come with me. As you can see, it’s helpful to have a support team here. Betsy can be your accountability friend in tip one, or someone else.

Sue: Last tip #4: Attach your new habit or ritual to one that ALREADY works for you.

For example, read through your mail and paperwork during the time you make dinner, while you’re waiting for something. Or while your children are doing THEIR homework, do your paperwork.

Or support the habit in ways that have worked for you before: You used to count points on Weight Watchers and record them; how about recording how well you’re doing with your exercise habit each day?


In closing, we have some EXCITING NEWS to share.

Carol and I are rolling out a new workshop called

DESIGN YOUR DAYS: Making Your Time Count.

It’s for women business owners who struggle with time and energy management. Staying productive in life and in your work.  What’s different about this workshop? This is about finally figuring out how to design your days in ways that work for you. Not what someone else tells you should work. But working with us and our DYD framework to figure it out with you and for you and how you think, work, and handle what comes your way. Is this you? If so, please  join us in Vermont, contact me or Carol, or watch for upcoming workshops and a retreat.
  • You’re going at full speed but not feeling you’re getting anywhere;
  • You’re feeling stuck. You’ve reached a plateau and you’re not moving ahead;
  • You want a fresh, creative look at how to manage your time and design your days.
  • You know what to do … you’re not doing it though. You’re in your own way sometimes.
Our first Design Your Days workshop will be at the Hampton Hotel in Colchester, VT on May 2 and is part of the WBON (women business owner’s network) which is a statewide, Vermont business organization. More information is available by clicking the WBON logo below or here at this link: Annual spring conference.

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Thanks so much and GOODBYE until next time!


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