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4 Strategies to Success

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ABC, 123, doe rae me, it’s just so EZ! Right? Well, not always, but, if we start a little lighthearted, it makes for opening our minds for better learning.

You may recall that on Nov. 17th, I wrote an article entitled “the ABC’s of Productivity.”

Here’s an overview:

A= Accept your reality

B= Be bold. Be brave.

C= Creativity is King.

Here’s a sheet to download, to help you take those bold actions and break them down into daily tasks.

Once you’ve started down the path of ABC’s (you can sing, but it’s not required), you’ll want to implement the 4 Strategies to Success along the way.

I find that the most successful leaders have consistent habits that slowly inch them and their organizations in the direction they desire. While these habits are not “rocket science,” they enable rocket scientists (or any leader) to harness their greatness.

Here are the four featured strategies that I have found make the most impact for the least effort:

  1. Bookend to success
  2. Map Your Time
  3. Take Inventory
  4. Use Power Blocks

I’ll detail the first one here. If it looks good and you want to go deeper, let’s set up a conversation! Click here to set up a conversation.

  1. Bookend to Success:

What holds up books vertically? Well, unless your shelf is fully loaded- its bookends, right? I use this metaphor to describe the method successful leaders use when implementing the big, hairy, audacious goals they set. This concept can be expanded or contracted depending on the time period in question.

For example, it will be January in very short order. Most people and organizations set yearly goals about this time of year. It’s a perfect time to start the habit of bookending.

Great, you say. So how do I get started?

  1. Set annual goals (you likely have done this)
  2. Set quarterly goals (you may have done this)
  3. Set monthly goals

Here’s the process!

  1. On the first business day in January, look at the above 3 goals.
  2. Focus on the month of January. Which goals are the most important?
  3. Find a goal that can be translated into three actions for the week.
  4. Insert those actions into your calendar as appointments.
  5. At the end of the week, review the goals and associated actions. Did you complete them?
  6. If not, carry them to next week.
  7. Look at the rest of January and repeat this for the 2nd week of January.
  8. On the first workday of the second week of January, review your Friday work to be sure it’s still relevant and adjust as required.
  9. Do this each week.
  10. At the end of January, do your bookending for January. Did you achieve what you set out to do? Did you exceed your goal?
  11. Repeat the process for all the months. Repeat the process for the quarter, and, at the end of December, for the year.

“It’s amazing how simple, yet powerful, this process is.” – A manager in Concord, NH

Watch the magic happen, and let me know all the great work you are doing with ease! You are now feeling like a productivity superstar and that’s just the first strategy!  Woo hoo…let’s keep your momentum going. Set up a call and be prepared to launch that rocket!

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