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What’s in My Way? Why focusing on the areas to remediate could be your biggest mistake

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For many of you who celebrate Christmas, it’s post-holiday-hangover time. Whew! Now what?
This is the time that we tend to look forward.

What do you see?

  • Do you have a somewhat pessimistic attitude; you’ve tried before but your plans get scrapped by, say, January 31?
  • Are you thinking that goals are for people without your life limitations (money, family support, time, etc.?)
  • Are you feeling deflated…time and time again you have spent energy and money, yet have seen so little success due to (what’s your obstacle? Health? Politics? Financial constraints?)

Would you finally like to:

  • Get somewhere; see traction to your dreams (if you dare to dream them?)
  • Earn what you are truly worth
  • Live in alignment with your true potential and gifts? (Not sure what this means? Stick with me)

If you are saying, YES, (not like not “well, maybe, I will see”) but rather,” HELL, YES”! Then, read on (and of course…save the Jan. 8th date for our Lunchtime Love!


What do you see that might lie in your way as you enter 2018? Here’s the problem: often, that’s all we see.

I have the trick for you. It’s a magic pill. Are you ready? Stop seeing it.

What did she say? That’s right; stop seeing what is in your way. Trust me on this (and we will circle back to address the obstacles).   Instead, do this:

  • Dare to put yourself in your “ideal shoes” 6 months from now
  • Stop worrying that you don’t have the support (time, resources, environment, etc.)
  • Instead, focus on what might be possible if you actually were able to finally see traction (and thus, results) on those plans you make January 1
  • Relate those results to “the big three”: What will this mean for your life, specifically:
    • Your income?
    • Your relationships?
    • Your health?
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