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As Productivity Coach, my greatest strength lies in uncovering yours.

Most people say they need me. Action is far different, however, than casually saying “I need that.”

Here’s a video from a client, in her own words, about having the courage to take “that step”:

The individuals who hire me are ready for CHANGE. Once we get started in the process, most wonder why they procrastinated for so long. I myself have been through big life and career changes in the past few years. It is scary. I understand. Change is very scary. I have emerged stronger and now understand fully that I have a gift. It’s my responsibility to use this gift.

My gift is to support and empower individuals and teams to reach their goals and dreams. To do this, I combine my intuition with my practical organizational training and talent to bring out in professionals what they may never have known was present. That’s coaching. It’s been there, inside me, all along. But now, I am proud to say this out loud.I invite you to join my clients, who say it much better than me:

“I needed to really let go of a lot of negative energy and problems in my career in order to move forward.  Little did I know that your coaching, support and accountability would get me to the point of where I am today.  You really knew exactly what to suggest and give me for homework.”

“Carol thank you, thank you, thank you! Your professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious and I know the skills you gave me to move forward will stay with me forever!

“Carol has the ability and training to dive in deep so you can acknowledge and come to the realization of where you need to make improvements and changes in your life. She then becomes the sounding board and co-pilot to help your bring those realizations to fruition.

“After each session with Carol, I feel greater clarity, more control over my life and work and empowered to keep it that way. Inevitably, life throws new challenges our way. When it does, I call Carol because I am confident that she has more strategies, tools and tips to teach me.”

I’d be honored to be your coach. Let me help you shine the light on the best parts of you. Contact me for a complimentary productivity discovery session.


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Carol Williams
Productivity Coach


"Carol was terrific – an active listener very engaged in what I was doing, what my challenges were and are and providing useful insights and hints on a positive way forward. She offered an affirmative ear that was understanding and asked good probing questions as a way to get me to some good self-realization points. She provided clarity and a way forward without making it feel overwhelming or too daunting."

– An employee at a statewide non-profit organization in NH

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