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Did she really recommend that I procrastinate?

SOMETIMES PROCRASTINATION IS “GOOD!” Let’s be real. Do you procrastinate? If “yes” then welcome to Being Human. There is NOTHING wrong with you. (Can I stop reading now?) Procrastination is


Why Procrastination feels so good, hurts us so much, and how to outsmart our brain

I love to procrastinate. It feels so good. Wait, what? It does! I like to have fun you know; I’m not “all business”.  While I love my work, I love


Success = When a plan meets an opportunity

In December, those of you who were on the Lunchtime Love Group Coaching call decided to dream, plan, and Kickstart 2018. There was talk of vision boards and planning. In


What’s in My Way? Why focusing on the areas to remediate could be your biggest mistake

For many of you who celebrate Christmas, it’s post-holiday-hangover time. Whew! Now what? This is the time that we tend to look forward. What do you see? Do you have


Kickstart 2018: Discover what is holding you back, why, and how to avoid getting stuck “again.”

First, some questions: Who’s in charge, anyway? Is it you, or is it life? Are you a planner, or, are you a “go with the flow” kind of person? Why?


What does Happiness mean to you, and how can you truly create this as your theme of the Season?

Is this your scenario?   You know the drill. You are trying to “do it all”- meaning, you need to work to earn your living, your family needs attention, you


Focusing Forward and Being Present

The REAL answers to your Strategic Stuckness are embedded in the question: “if it’s so easy, why aren’t we all doing it?” We’ll dive deeper into THAT on our call


Super Strategic Strategies

Let’s start with the how-to, shall we? (side note: You may know some of this and other strategies might be new for you. You have permission to take what works


What I learned about goalsetting through playing monopoly with my 9 – year old boy –or-How to give yourself 2 hours a day, effortlessly

They say we can learn a lot from our kids, and this is one of those a-ha moments for me. I find that this time of year holds no shortage


How Evernote can help “the disorganized” feel organized

Many of the kindest, most genuine, and wisest people I know have a brain structure that is labeled “AD/HD.” These are typically my favorite clients, because they are big thinkers,