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1:1 Coaching

  • Are you sick of working like crazy and getting nowhere?

  • Are you tired of eating dinner long after your children have gone to bed?

  • Do you feel unfairly tied to your smartphone 24/7?


If you think you might have AD/HD or you just “feel like” you live in an AD/HD world, and you just can’t seem to turn it around, it’s time to contact me for a complimentary productivity discovery call to see if coaching is right for you.

Select Your Discovery Time

If it’s your time — you are finally ready to stop saying “ I SHOULD” and start DOING something about it… here’s what the journey will be like:

  • I’ll put your Big Goal front and center (Don’t have one? You will find one during that 30-minute free call – WHAT do you want and WHY?)
  • I’ll do a quick assessment of “where you are” now;
  • I will tailor a program to your unique needs. This may include:
    • A Values Exercise
    • Personality assessment
    • Strengths identification
    • Existing condition vs. desired condition: What do you WANT more of/less of?
    • A step-by-step exploration of What gets in your way and HOW to get it OUT of your way….measurably
    • I can act as ACCOUNTABILITY PERSON. This is huge! You are now “answering” to “the velvet whip…”

The journey with me can be very brief, or much longer. It depends on YOU. You’re in the driver’s seat. I am helping steer your course. We work on a monthly basis, and you can stop anytime. But I know you won’t want to give up when you see progress. This WORKS when you are READY!

I’m really excited to guide you along your journey.

Are you ready to GO?

Carol Williams
Productivity Coach


"After each session with Carol, I feel greater clarity, more control over my life and work and empowered to keep it that way. Inevitably, life throws new challenges our way. When it does, I call Carol because I am confident that she has more strategies, tools and tips to teach me."

– A business owner with AD/HD in the Lake Sunapee Region of NH

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