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Kickstart 2018: Discover what is holding you back, why, and how to avoid getting stuck “again.”

First, some questions: Who’s in charge, anyway? Is it you, or is it life? Are you a planner, or, are you a “go with the flow” kind of person? Why?


An Easy Way to be your Best Self

Most people I run into say they’d like to be more productive. So, I offer a magic pill for $9.95. I’m kidding, of course. …Do you ever beat yourself up


Dreaming to Doing: The How

For those of you who may have missed my article in the January Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce newsletter, here’s a timely reminder in MARCH for what we may have


How? What to do in the Land of Good Intentions

So many of us feel “pressed for time” and “just want the practical strategies”. Our Design Your Days workshop attendees realize that the best strategies won’t last, unless you’ve done the AWARENESS work and found the ones that fit YOU and YOUR life. They understand the power of the DYD framework and know why the ‘how’ practical side is the last focus area.


What Gets in the Way- When you are Designing Your Day?

What Gets In Your Way- and how to overcome it.


Ready for a Break? Plan Now- Just a Little- to Jumpstart January

A small but concerted effort to reflect and plan over Thanksgiving can reap large benefits when jumpstarting January.


What motivates you? 3 Examples of what works, and one that doesn’t work.

Your motivation: Is it… Fall Scenery?  Your children? The promise of an exotic trip? Or is it… …the vision of becoming a leader in your field? The opportunity to give