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The “Go” System

The GO (Get Organized) System is a ½ day course taught by me. The system was created by DME training and is taught all over the USA and Canada. Many of the specific tools EpS uses in specific client consultations have grown out of tips, tricks, and methods taught in this System.The GO System will, mathematically, free up 5 to 11 weeks per year of time for you.

Course participants report:

• A decrease in stress and anxiety which kills productivity;

• Greater focus to follow up and complete assignments;

• Improvement in their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions;

• An increase in their contribution to the bottom-line results of their organization.

I will give a Showcase Presentation to your organization. During this 25-30 minute overview of the course, participants engage in actual exercises from the course are done and have the opportunity to answer questions and experience my dynamic teaching style first hand with no obligation to take the full course.

Go System Specifics

Many people often say, “If I get one good idea from a training course it will be worth my time and money.” You will experience and enjoy at least 14 major takeaways from the GO System course.

A 64 page, spiral bound, full-color workbook augments visual, hands-on learning, and minimizes required note-taking for each participant.

I extend one 30-minute, complimentary follow up phone call for each participant of the GO System.

Contact me today and let’s get started together developing successful systems for your business and life.

“Thank you for the GO class you gave on Time Management and Efficiency.  The class was well organized and you presented the information in a way that I was able to think about the situations I have and how each topic could apply.

“If I remember correctly we had about 10 people in the class including you.  I really thought that was the perfect size to cover all the information and still allow for discussion.  Many of the people brought real life experiences to the class and you applied the solutions to the situation.

“The main benefit I got from the class is the way you taught to manage your time with how to prioritize.  I was able to apply the “filing method” with outlook and applied a priority to each. This has allowed me to be able to move the “to do” as needed and allow me to have more time in my day.  Although it is not a physical filing it has worked very well for me.  I have also been able to apply this to my personal life and it also has worked well.

“Again thank you for the class and the follow up you gave me.”

– A Sales Manager in Central NH

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