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Your Powerful Story

Your Powerful Story

In this session, Carol will unlock your Powerful Story. You will no longer wonder how to present yourself, feeling sheepish and unsure. Carol uses her intuition and innovation in order to synthesize seemingly unrelated aspects of YOU that may astonish you.

Possible uses for the story:

  • unparalleled self esteem
  • your bio
  • an introduction to you as a speaker
  • positioning you relative to similar folks


  • A recording and transcript of the session
  • An edited version of the story by Carol
597.00 USD
Please pay what you feel is the right amount for you

Your Bold Breakthrough: The Great Work-Shop

Stop procrastinating, putting yourself last and promising then disappointing yourself.

In just 120 minutes, you will be guided through deep inquiry resulting in clear steps forward to stop ignoring your Life's Great Work. 

Overcome  your next level challengse to create significant impact in the world with Green Goddess Carol leading you. 


Tuesday, May 7th 11am to 1pm Eastern 

You will get a workbook, find time for yourself again, be inspired and be ready to go forth boldly. Don't wait.



97.00 USD
Pay what your heart says - 50% of this will go to the Arthritis Foundation who helped my son walk again and lead a normal life.

Unlocking Your Powerful Story to Allow Your Greatness : VIP Special Coaching

Unlocking Your Powerful Story to Allow Your Greatness

VIP Special Coaching: Overcome YOUR obstacles

It's time to use your experience to make you stronger. 

By attending you will be eligible to win one of 5 limited places where Carol will draw out your Powerful Story at no extra fee.

 What you'll learn:

 * You are powerful

* You are magic

* You are made to help others

0.00 USD